The 2019 International Conference on Economic Management and Model Engineering(ICEMME2019) will be held on December 6-8 in  Malacca, MalaysiaThe topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1. Systems Engineering and Operational Research

2. Information Technology and Economic Management

3. Economic Model and Software Engineering

4. Data Processing in Economic Management

5. Linear regression analysis

6. Modeling and Prediction of ARMA Time Series

7. Complex Data Modeling in Economic Management

8. Empirical Research Method and Data Processing-Structural Equation Model

9. Design and Implementation of Genetic Algorithms

10. Application of Genetic Algorithms in Economic Management

1. 系统工程与运筹学

2. 信息技术与经济管理

3. 经济模型与软件工程

4. 经济管理中的数据处理

5. 线性回归分析

6. ARMA时间序列的建模与预测

7. 经济管理中复杂数据建模

8. 实证研究方法及数据处理——结构方程模型

9. 遗传算法的设计与实现

10. 遗传算法在经济管理中的应用