Welcome A.Prof.Nora Azureen Bt Abdul Rahman ​from Universiti Utara Malaysia,Malaysia to be Committee Member!

A.Prof.Nora Azureen Bt Abdul Rahman, Universiti Utara Malaysia,Malaysia 

Research Area: 

Banking Risk, Corporate Governance, Bank Performance, Bank Regulation, Moral Hazard

Research Experience:


· Norhafiza Nordin & Nora Azureen Abdul Rahman, Credit Sale of Big Tree Agrotech: To Implement or Not To Implement, Case Study Grant, UUM, 2018.

· Nora Azureen Abdul Rahman & Norhafiza Nordin, Profitability Determinants Of Domestic And Foreign Islamic Banks In Malaysia: Are They The Same?, University Grant, UUM, 2016.

· Nora Azureen Abdul Rahman & Norhafiza Nordin, Credit Challenges of Hotel Mesra Langgar, Case Study Grant, UUM, 2016.


· Olusola David Fajembola, Nora Azureen Abdul Rahman & Rohani Md-Rus, The Relationship between the Risk Management Committee and the Chief Risk Officer with the Stability of Nigerian Banks. Journal of Advanced Research in Social and Behavioural Sciences, 2018. Vol. 13(1), pp. 73-86.

· Nora Azureen Abdul Rahman & Norhafiza Nordin, Challenges and Potentials of A Budget Hotel: A Case Study of Mesra Hotel. International Journal of Business and Technopreneurship, 2018. Vol. 8(3), pp. 339-346.

· Nora Azureen Abdul Rahman, Zunarni Kosim & Siew Goh Yeok, The Characteristics of Household Loans in Conventional and Islamic Banks in Malaysia. International Journal of Academic Research in Business & Social Sciences, 2018. Vol. 8 (7), pp. 531-541.